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Happy Kannada Rajyotsava

 Happy Kannada Rajyotsava 2020 Kannada Rajyotsva is celebrated across Karnataka on November 1. Back on November 1 of 1956, all Kannada language-talking areas of South India were converged to shape one state called Karnataka. By that time then, the day has been recognized as Karnataka Rajyotsava, Kannada Day, or Karnataka Formation Day. The day is set apart by network celebrations, shows, and a large group of different functions. It likewise observes the reciting of Jaya Bharatha Jananiya Tanujate, which is the Kannada song of praise.  History and Significance of Kannada Rajyotsava  The Karnataka Ekikarana development was started by Aluru Venkata Rao in 1905 and finished with the Mysore state, which included the recent royal territory of Mysore, was converged with the Kannada-talking territories of Bombay and Madras administrations just as the realm of Hyderabad to make a brought together Kannada-talking state. It got the name Karnataka on November 1, 1973, during the residency of the
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How to stay mentally strong During Covid 19

 How to stay mentally strong During Covid 19 In this pandemic situation living healthy is now very tough because of this coronavirus situation, people are focusing on immunity-boosting exercising social distance distancing that extra but the very main point which people cannot think of or which anyone cannot think of easily and that's the very important point no to take care of mental health So apart from dealing with physical wellbeing, we have to deal with our psychological well-being additionally Go to COVID-19 fear and anxiety are the new sicknesses which are expanding step by step among individuals by keeping social separation. Moreover, people are feeling isolated lonely then this way it is increasing stress and anxiety too. Let's Watch this video to be more Clear. So now it's our duty to think about it. There are many people who are dying due to COVID-19 but there are cases also where people are dying due to the stress or depression due to COVID-19 so

7 Best Habits Of Rich People You Must Know

  7 Best Habits Of Rich People You Must Know The very common question arises when we think upon rich people or wealthy people that " What do they do differently"?What are those habits which they follow and get success in life? And out of those habits which are the Best habits of rich people which we can also implement and get financial and personal success both. Obviously, there isn't one single answer or equation for procuring heaps of cash. However, there are a few characteristics and abilities that numerous rich individuals have, and that we can gain from. They may seem like irrelevant thoughts all alone, however, if you consider them outlooks that achieve more huge changes, at that point their effects on our lives, and possibly our riches, become a great deal more clear. Here comes the  7 Best Habits of Rich People . 1. Set Clear Objectives and follow up on them   Rich individuals aren't more fortunate than most of us and, at any time, they aren't really more